Game Career Guide: Game Design Challenge, Map Making Games

Game ideas came to our minds more easily than we can expect, but rather than leaving them unnatended, there’s an option to exploit this skills on time attack challenges. That’s what happened today: after some research and work, my entry was  chosen on Game Career Guide Game design Challenge.

The challenge: make a game dependent on the player’s ability to build the map in which he stays. The synopsis suggested the feature that dungeon crawlers made famous to be applied, but getting further in context and adding a bit (if not a bunch) of innovation. I’m glad i saw pretty god designs among others, seems there’s a growing community that gets richer in knowledge about terminology which seemed to be only manageable to a few erudites. Schools and self-taught ones are doing it well.


I always attempt to conceptualize (if thats a clever word) the main player’s screen, in this case something borrowed from here and there (I used to be an artist, until I took and arrow in the knee…)

Anyway, my entry called I Remember was based on the main schematic of an adventure game. The player managed the memory of the main character, who was telling somebody the facts that happened some time ago. The main goal was to bring coherency to the whole story by reading the character’s dialogue, which was able of being doubted by other non player characters capable of asking hazardous questions. Something with a variety of outcomes and based on the reward of reaching every end and creating different layouts. It’s worth reading, so check the the link below to see the project and all the entries as well.

For further information, don’t hesitate on reading the whole feature, alongside the other entries here.

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