The recipe: Dragon City

Today starts a new section in Games 4 Breakfast where games (social & mobile) will be dissassembled into features, mechanics, dynamics, retention techniques, monetization tricks and much more. Its purpose is to analyze why makes each game succesful and which different things shall be taken from them. As any dish, every recipe determines the initial factors which will make way tastier; games aren’t strangers to such thing: the greater the formula, the better its results. Click on the link below to get to the recipe and enjoy your journey!

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Is sharing an option?

Sharing is caring. The famous phrase that is fueled through the website lands in the Social Games World. Are Social Games really realizing why players need to share and how they feel when they do? Shall there be a change of their agendas to restablish their core social part? Are users equally vulnerable to aged formulas?

Social games are powerful tools with a new set of mechanics that makes players engaged, in this article we’ll try to focus in the fact of social sharing relationships between players and the game, and why some positive and beneficial changes shall be  taken in order to benefit both enterprises and users.

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