Rethinking Social Games part 1

Social games are usually working on standardized formulas which longevity right now seems way more questionable than what it were years before, when loads of reiterative patterns and blueprints were copied (successfully or not) using every single feature that was making competence’s stats grow in charts significantly higher.

New times may usually demand changes, and thus may be inspired by applying available techniques to create more richer, powerful, energizing, meaningful and substantially more emotionally connected than the feeling of void that some crucial social game amalgams actually have.

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Launching: Ingredients

Ingredients is the new glossary of terms inside Games For Breakfast: a compendium of the most renowned terms of current games, which aim is to gather every knowledge about the games world and hold a brief description about it. As any dish, games are made out of ingredientes which combination will lead to a better (or terrible) recipe: some people will be able to work with less, others will prefer better results gathering as much as they can, others will focus in just a portion and others… will not definetely think about looking at one at all (and we’ve seen the results).

Anyway, if you wish to spend some time looking at them, here is the link! And it will be on the menu for accessing it anytime you want.

Have a healthy diet in games, and make sure Breakfast goes first.