Games for breakfast has been a project since I barely had a basic knowledge of games, and now turned real. My job and passion: doing for betterment of play and enjoy. Systems, interactions, early and ultimate designs, all focused on the experience you may get, only if i get it too.

I’m a Gamification + UI/UX designer in PlayJugo , in the epicenter on a great, dynamic and lovely environment. Of course, I wear the game on top, meaning that hardcoring is a part of myself and, if living near, you could possibly find me on weekends  spending my time playing some weird tabletop games, invented by a couple of guys in their basement from  a God-forsaken town.

This website helps me to deliver content that I’ve learned trough, and to tackle stuff that i though to be  both enjoyable and profitable for those who wanted to learn something I might throw from here.

Hope you have a great time reading whatsoever its told, and if you found something to talk about, don’t hesitate in comment. Or more personally, yell by mail . Have a great time, play, experience, see and learn.

David Serrano

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