Rethinking social games part 2

This is the second part of the Rethinking social games’ series, in this article we’ll focus on the two left intrinsic motivations of the player (Autonomy and Relatedness, both based on the PENS framework from Scott Rigby and Richard Ryan) and the way they can be boosted in social games for betterment, in order to create a richer experience and to extend the features that they actually hold. Can social games be re-thought and re-invented from their actual formulas to be both profitable for enterprises and users? Check it by yourself down below!

And if you’re actually feeling lost, take a look at the first entry here. 

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Huge Rosters = Infinite Play?

Variety is the spice of life, and so is, partially, of game characters. When it comes to games with a diverse and astonishing amount of characters to choose thousands of feelings comes, with the same diversity, to player’s minds: whether it should be amazing for its unique offer or overwhelming,  so many things to do or just the same mechanic with a different skin. Let’s check it out!

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